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Can I change stars rating on the current week?

Carlos Diaz hace 8 años actualizado por Weekdone hace 8 años 6

I rated my week by mistake and cannot change it now...


Sync with calendar to create tasks

Luca Candela hace 8 años actualizado por Andrew Simon hace 1 año 8

It would be nice to have a way to see a google calendar in weekdone to be able to transform an appointment in something planned. that way when the appointment is done, it's easy to move it to the done pile.


Export weekdone by weeks to PDF for Archive

Aldo Leiva-Marchissano hace 8 años actualizado por Weekdone hace 8 años 3

Add an Export button to PDF

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Stephanie Morgan hace 8 años actualizado por cute choice hace 4 años 8
I can only import tasks from Asana - Is there any way to import projects? I'm basically using Asana for project management and Weekdone for reporting and I hate it - Would love if there was a way to truly integrate the two. Thanks!

Connecting to Trello

Janar Eit hace 7 años actualizado por Anthony Close hace 1 año 7
In this post https://blog.weekdone.com/tag/trello/ you mention connecting to Trello... However in the import menu I don't see such option...

Is it in development or planned?


How to assign task as a manager

Neal hace 8 años actualizado por Weekdone hace 8 años 1
How can I assign a task as a manager that shows up on my team member(s) plan list?


Overdue tasks

Joan Khoo hace 8 años actualizado por Weekdone hace 8 años 1

I'd like tasks that are in To-do to transfer to the next week without the tag Overdue.

I don't think it's an accurate representation unless there's an option to put in a due date.

No es un bug

Delete doesn't work

Phillip Luebke hace 8 años actualizado por Weekdone hace 4 años 9

I tried to delete a line item three times using the "delete" button and the item never went away. I ended up clicking on "edit" and deleting the text.

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Integrate with Salesforce

Trey Waddell hace 8 años actualizado por Weekdone hace 6 años 5

I'd love to see Salesforce integration much like the JIRA connection.  

Weekdone hace 8 años

Hi Trey,

Thank you for the suggestion. Could you tell us, what exactly would you like to import from Salesforce, eg what fields, items and objects? What would become plans, what progress? 

This is on our roadmap but no certain decision on timeline has been made. 

Best regards,

Juri @ Weekdone


Could you make comments and likes icon on posts visible?

Giselle Diaz hace 8 años actualizado por Siim Saksing hace 7 años 2

The icon that indicates comments or likes is only visible if you hover over the item, could you make that visible on plain view?  Right now, you have to hover over all items to find out if you have feedback or likes.