Sync with calendar to create tasks

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It would be nice to have a way to see a google calendar in weekdone to be able to transform an appointment in something planned. that way when the appointment is done, it's easy to move it to the done pile.


Thank you for the suggestion. We will take it under consideration. As we just added JIRA tasks import, we are now looking to start importing from multiple other sources as well. Google Calendar might well be one of these, especially as we also look at Google Apps integration for whole company account.

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Jira tasks are usually totally in "different level" than Weekdone taks. Jira tasks are usually more specified stuff (user stories, tasks "use this model x") and Weekdone is better more or less "big things" / features for example. 
Absolutely agree, Jesse. This is one of the reasons why we do not suggest importing things directly. Most often the wording in other tools is also such that it is understandable to the person himself, but not co-workers or leaders. That's why it's always better to reword and rewrite them. 

You are fully right that Weekdone is about the "big rocks" and lessons learned. 

Jüri / Weekdone
That being said; I also agree with Luca. If there is some "big rocks" I personally reserve some time from calendar and make sure that I have time to do it. Then some integration between Google Apps and Weekdone would be really helpful. 

This is something to think about: http://blog.toggl.com/2013/01/new-on-toggl-timelin... If I do "lessons learned" or I try to rememder for example "accomplishments today" it would be really helpful to see somekind of log (like Toggl timeline) then do my own "wording"

Again agree. When companies use JIRA and Asana imports, it is more to remember what I got done - many of us forget by Friday what we did on Monday :) So we will add that kind of imports for other services and Google Apps are definitely in the pipeline, as are Basecamp, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Toggl and many others. The biggest question for imports is usually what log or data objects to import. Thanks!

Jüri / Weekdone

You may use a project management tool like Fluxes. You can create task for each appointment adding all the notes and attachment and mark as complete after it's done. If you have an assistant you can assign him tasks by inviting via email. This is such an useful tool and it's completely free. It gives me a better picture than using a calendar app.  

If you search ing Google, you can get lots of online tools to solve your problems. Lusine Avedis, already mentioned a project management tool, you can use it. Besides these, there have many free and paid resources. For example, if you have faced any problem with POSDCORB which is public administration studies, you should interest in management related sites. Thank you!