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Would love to be able to create a pool of long term goals from which the weekly plans could be selected.

Frank Horbelt 6 years ago updated by Weekdone 6 years ago 3
Your set up instructions mention writing all of your goals/to-dos on paper and dividing them into four quadrants to prioritize, why not include that in your software?
Under review
Thank you for the thought on the task pool. We have no plans to do that as a separate feature (not enough demand), but what you can do is:
  • Set up a special template category like "Long-term plans pool" 
  • Tell your people that items under your user in that category are up for grabs.
  • Anyone can use "Assign to" feature from the item right menu to assign tasks from there to themselves or others.
As for the 4 quadrants, I guess you mean the Eisenhower Matrix? That's just one of many time-management methodologies and you can replicate that again by setting up 4 separate template categories. Although in reality, you probably don't want people to have non-important non-urgent items. Weekdone is mostly all about the 5-7 key items per person. 
Awesome!  That's exactly what I needed.  I'm just a solopreneur using your application for task management.  While I imagine it's even more helpful in groups, it has so far been pretty awesome for me as an individual.  I'm going to add my silent partner as a user so she can get reports on what I've accomplished during the week as a way to hold myself accountable.  My only worry is that now I might never be able to slack off again.  =)

So, I hate to ask this HERE, but while I have your attention, should I add my partner as a user, as an observer, or just cc the reports to her?  She won't really have any tasks to accomplish, but I would like for her to be able to post comments on items.
The differences between a Member and an Observer are described here: https://blog.weekdone.com/faqs/administration-and-customization/what-is-the-difference-between-observer-and-member-roles/

Observer can still comment and view, but won't be reminded to fill in their form or notified to do that weekly.