Creating a new 'blank canvas'

Mireille 7 years ago updated by Weekdone 7 years ago 1

How do I create a 'blank canvas' each week? I don't want to see a compilation of all the "Plans" and "Projects". I want to be able to create my status report from scratch each week.

The only items that carry over from last week are Plans that go in Plans on Hold the next week, until they get marked as Progress or Problems. All the other sections are blank at the beginning of each week. 

There is no way to forget the old Plans though, since the logic of Weekdone is what gets planned must get either done or listed as problem, or in exceptions, deleted. Calculation of Overdue weeks for items and Completion ratio for last week's items are crucial parts of Weekdone and our dashboards, so that logic can not be changed unfortunately.