Unplanned activities and missed tasks

virgo riispap 8 years ago updated by Weekdone 8 years ago 3
Definetly there will be unplanned actions during a week and the missed ones were probably missed due to unplanned actions. They should have next steps agreed and planned ahead

Virgo, thanks for the idea!
Can you clarify a bit, what kind of flow do you mean, how would it look like? 

You can add unplanned actions daily under progress. 

And you can extend delayed overdue plans into next week as plans or problems. 

How would your suggested workflow differ, please explain in more detail. Thanks!

Enable entering tasks for next week(s)

If I know in few weeks I'll have some tasks which don't need to be addressed yet, how can I enter them to my "work plan"?

We now have a section called "Plans on hold" where you can enter future plans. It's the first yellow section in the report form.