I would like to have daily reminders to update the tasks.

Luca Candela 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

I feel it would be easier to stick to updating the list of done stuff if I received a daily email with a link where I can just click and write the tasks down when they are still fresh.

Thank you for the idea, Luca. We will put the daily reminder e-mails on our product roadmap. This will then be configurable, as some people find the reminders annoying, others love them. 

One thing we will do sooner or later is the possibility to input everything via e-mail as well, so you get the reminder, reply in a structured format and that gets parsed into our system. No need to open up the web interface for input that way. 

We're also considering Chrome and Firefox plugins, both for fast data entry as well as to quickly check on what your plans were. 

Hope that sounds good?

Sounds very good, the sooner the better!