company overdue

Giselle Diaz 8 years ago updated by Weekdone 8 years ago 1

Company overdue dashboard still makes no sense, does not tie into reports/data.  I rather it be gone than confuse the report.

What exactly does not make sense? 

Overdue items are the ones which are not done in 1+ weeks. If a user plans something on Friday for next week, it will not be overdue on the next week, only the week after. Basically there must be 7+ days between when an item gets planned and when it is market progress. Overdue items all have a red flag and overdue weeks number in front of it.

None of you users items seem to be 1+ weeks overdue, and because of that overdue shows nothing yet. You should be at least in your 3rd week of usage to show any overdue items.