Connecting to Trello

Janar Eit 8 years ago updated by Anthony Close 2 years ago 7
In this post https://blog.weekdone.com/tag/trello/ you mention connecting to Trello... However in the import menu I don't see such option...

Is it in development or planned?


Trello import is still in planning and development phase. 
Only Atlassian JIRA and Asana are live. 
As I understood, you would like to see Trello soon as well? Will keep that in mind in our roadmap prioritization. 

Thanks:) I have 3 different teams using trello for ideas collection, scheduling and rough cut future planning.

Will keep in mind, thanks. And might approach you soon directly for some feedback on your potential Weekdone usage :)

We are by the way also looking to add something like Zapier (http://zapier.com/) to connect to many other systems that we can't support directly as well.

Zapier would be good idea to implement :)

I looked into Zapier and it doesn't appear that it's possible to have trello cards sync'd over to weekdone, is it possible?


Zapier does support Trello cards as triggers. For example you can set up a new zap so that:
- Trigger is a new card added to Trello.

- Choose a board, list or filter.

- Choose Weekdone as action.

- Select create new item as action.

Still no trello integration?  We have to pay even more for zapier.