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Stephanie Morgan 8 years ago updated by cute choice 4 years ago 8
I can only import tasks from Asana - Is there any way to import projects? I'm basically using Asana for project management and Weekdone for reporting and I hate it - Would love if there was a way to truly integrate the two. Thanks!

Hi Stephanie,

Could you describe more in detail what you mean by importing projects? As we understand, a project in Asana is a group of tasks. Those tasks should be importable from Asana to Weekdone already today. Is the project heading adding something in that sense to Weekdone?

Could you give an example of importing a project and how you'd like it then to show up in Weekdone?

We are currently improving Asana imports in Weekdone and could definitely look into this. 

btw,  integration with asana doesn't work at all... only few tasks are effectively imported...

Hi Raphael,

Everything is working correctly. All your closed Asana items that we see through the API have been imported to your Progress. 

Keep in mind, that currently only closed issues are imported from Asana to Progress. We are in the process of also adding undone items import to Weekdone Plans, will be implemented soon. 

Also there is no way to import archived items from Asana, that is their limitation. 

Going back to Stephanie's original request... our Asana workspace is divided into multiple teams, each containing multiple projects. I would like to be able to automatically import tasks from a specific project, not just a specific workspace.

Given the way our team and tasks are structured in Asana, importing tasks at a workspace level is not granular enough, and tagging individual tasks with "workdone" is not feasible either.
Hi Christopher,

Appreciate the suggestion. How would this ideally work in your case in the UI? At what point would you like to choose the project? In most Asana installations projects come and go daily, so configuring these under Settings would not be comfortable. The other place could be the manual Import dialog, but then it would not work for automatic imports. Wondering what a good solution would be?

Did you by the way see our nifty new Asana team dashboard product: http://weekdone.com/asana ? Appreciate any feedback on that as well. More about that here: https://blog.weekdone.com/generate-stunning-visual-report-dashboard-asana/
can i perform the below mentioned activities on Asana

1) Record Data
2) tracking system - View status
3) Storage - i/p & o/p
4) Assignments
5) Forecast/Plan (sharing plans)
6) Access to certain roles
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Although we are not Asana - we just provide a reporting plugin for them at https://weekdone.com/asana and allow importing items to Weekdone https://weekdone.com/ it does seem from quick look Asana provides most of the things you ask for. If you then need reporting on top of Asana, look at Weekdone.

You can also check out these Asana user guides:

1) Official Asana user guide

2) How to  easily manage your projects with Asana