relabel the last weeks upcoming week or add quotation (current week)

Aldo Leiva-Marchissano 8 years ago updated by Weekdone 8 years ago 0

When filling out the "this week" report add dates along with headings.

Dear Aldo,

As for the 1st comment: agree, quotation marks might be a good solution. We have multiple templates so depending on which you're using you would have Last week's "Plans", Last week's "Objectives", last week's "Upcoming week" etc some of which might sound strange without the quotation marks. Good idea. 

As for the 2nd one: do you mean that the header text "This week" should have the dates shown below it either prominently or in smaller script? Or did you mean the calendar dropdown that opens or somewhere else? 

Thank you for the feedback and comments, will improve based on that!

Best regards,

co-founder, Weekdone