Different Due Dates depending on Team

Wesley R 7 years ago updated by Weekdone 7 years ago 1
Our teams and managers have their employee meetings at different days during the week. That is when they are assigned goals and such. So the report for each team would be due the day before their scheduled meeting.
Thank you for the suggestion. We have been discussing this internally at Weekdone as well as with our customers. There are pros and cons and we are thinking how to do this well. 

The problem with this approach is complexity for users. The ideal value of Weekdone is when it is used for two things together. First daily internal communications between co-workers and teams via comments and feedback and just reading what's happening (especially via the buzz activity timeline). Second is the managerial aspect for the busy manager - and giving weekly reviews and feedback to the employees. That brings us to the problem: when separate teams weeks rotate on different days, at the same time employees keep following other teams activities, it can create a lot of chaos and misunderstandings, why data appears and rotates on different days. 

On the positive side, we do know in many companies different teams have their weekly standup meetings, goal setting and reviews on different weekdays. It is common in larger organizations, we agree, so we have to find a way to accommodate that as well in Weekdone. 

That said, this is on our roadmap, but no promise on exact go-live date. We have to test and experiment with real users a bit to see how to keep the product still simple without creating more confusion and complexity. Simplicity for users is a key goal for us, but also for customers like you, otherwise the employees will not use the system. So bear with us until we find a good solution.

Jüri, Co-founder, Weekdone