tasks moving to the next week

Joan Khoo 8 years ago updated by Weekdone 8 years ago 1

Tasks that are not completed from one week, don't seem to transfer to the next week. 

I think this is an essential feature, because I don't want to keep entering it in from week to week.

This is all task that are not completed. I.e. To-do, on hold, etc.

Thank you for the suggestion and feature request. Currently only the Plans section has the special feature from where the items get carried to next week's On Hold section. The On Hold section is already automatically there (it's the yellow section) and as such should not be duplicated. Your company admin will see this described under their Template Settings page where they manage the template. 

You can find the description to managing the template at http://blog.weekdone.com/faqs/administration-and-customization/#faq514 (you need to be logged in as company admin to manage the template).

That said, we will consider allowing other categories' items to carried onwards to next weeks in the future.