ISSUE: As manager - My own report to my manager needs to be private.

Giselle Diaz 8 years ago updated by Weekdone 8 years ago 1

I have various teams I manage, but also have my own weekly report to file to my manager.  Since I have my own report, but I am also a manager of other teams, my own report shares across every team I manage!  So now I have to list myself as "observer" and "manager" of those teams, to keep my own report private. 

I have my own tasks across other teams, so I want to be more than an observer there, but be able to have a private report at another team with my own manager.

Please, please fix this...we are finding the program very helpful,  but with some MAJOR problems for multiple team cross-reporting.  Certain people belong to multiple teams and need separate reports for each!


Hi Giselle,

Today a new version of Weekdone went up that allows one person to have multiple reports, each visible for different team. Just add a person to multiple teams as member and they will have multiple reports, each of them respective to the team. If you then make one of the teams visible to team members only - usually that is the management team - only people there will see the report. Please test it out and let us know how it goes, and if there are any other requests on that side. We are still considering the per-item privacy/permissions as well, there are some issues how to make that simple and if the multi-report and multi-team already handle this well enough. 

Coming up next is for each team to have different categories / questions, a different template. That's what Trey asked for originally in this thread. Hopefully it will go live in coming weeks as well. 

Third thing coming soon is different reporting weekday for different teams. That means lower level teams could report let's say Friday evening, and managers then to the CEO or management team on Monday. 

These 3 things should Weekdone much better for larger or matrix teams. 

Best regards,

Juri @ Weekdone