Can I change stars rating on the current week?

Carlos Diaz 8 years ago updated by Weekdone 8 years ago 6

I rated my week by mistake and cannot change it now...

Same thing just happened to me. Would love if it is not a one time thing.


Thank you for the request. We will add the option to change your happiness via stars soon. 

With all the best,


Same here...I'm trying to click on the stars and nothing is happening.  Is this a view only feature?  

Took some time, but now you can change your weekly work week happiness rating multiple times as well. 

Jüri @ Weekdone

k...Im not getting that action. Clicking, no action

Which browser are you using, or are you using our iOS app?
Is it the initial happiness score clicking that's not working, or later on changing it to another score?
When you hover above a star and click it, what exactly happens? 
If you click and then wait a bit, does the star change color then? The color changes once the rating has been saved on our server and sometimes on slower connections that might take some time, up to a second or so.