Can different teams use different report templates?

Trey Waddell 8 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Weekdone 8 jaar geleden 7

Can I setup different reports for my 3 different teams, each report being relevant to the role of that team?  

Hi Trey,

Not yet, but soon. We are just making final decisions on this and it will go into development next week. When it's ready, each team can have different report categories / headings / questions. Just some more patience. We fully agree for example sales, software development and upper management might have different headings.

Jüri @ Weekdone

Awesome!  I'm definitely looking forward to it.  :)

This is SO great.  We have team members that cross teams, but we don't want their reports to show up on every team.  We were about to cancel our trial, because of this issue.  Please keep us updated.  We also need to be able to make certain entries private (for managers eyes only).


Hi Giselle,

Today a new version of Weekdone went up that allows one person to have multiple reports, each visible for different team. Just add a person to multiple teams as member and they will have multiple reports, each of them respective to the team. If you then make one of the teams visible to team members only - usually that is the management team - only people there will see the report. Please test it out and let us know how it goes, and if there are any other requests on that side. We are still considering the per-item privacy/permissions as well, there are some issues how to make that simple and if the multi-report and multi-team already handle this well enough. 

Coming up next is for each team to have different categories / questions, a different template. That's what Trey asked for originally in this thread. Hopefully it will go live in coming weeks as well. 

Third thing coming soon is different reporting weekday for different teams. That means lower level teams could report let's say Friday evening, and managers then to the CEO or management team on Monday. 

These 3 things should Weekdone much better for larger or matrix teams. 

Best regards,

Juri @ Weekdone

OMG!  Like magic.  You guys are awesome!  I'll test out immediately and give you feedback!  Thanks!

Weekly scores for other teams I belong to are calculating using my score for separate/unrelated my own managers' team score.  Each team should be scored based on their own unique reports for that team, not as a sum of the members' overall activity (including their performance in other reports). 

Not sure if that's making any sense.  :) - Moving this to bug.

Thanks for the nice words! :)
Regarding the last issue, answered under another issue as well, that this is separate and no other data than users happiness gets shared across teams in score calculations.