Items ordered and reordered by priority

Helena Jeret 8 лет назад обновлен Weekdone 8 лет назад 4
I'd like to be able to order items I assign to team by priority. That is, the order in which the items appear is the order of importance.

Currently, I can't reorder the items (by dragging and dropping) once I've entered them. However, there usually are things that should be worked on before other things. I don't mind if there is no order number shown but I'd like to be able to rearrange the items.
Hi Helena,

Thank you for the suggestion. We actually did have this possibility, for managers to reorder items by dragging their order in employee forms. That created a lot of confusion among most of our managers, so we temporarily disabled it. It will be back in one form or another, stay tuned. 
I can think of a couple of other confusing scenarios... for instance, if I reordered items, would the team member get to know about it (if I forget to tell them)? Would team members themselves be able to reorganize the items? I think this really depends on the kind of team you're dealing with. Some may be able to juggle their stuff around more freely, some may have items that must be done but other items they can mix around.

Also, I assume I should not be able to rearrange anything in "done" status. I haven't checked if something can be marked "undone".

One obvious way to solve this is to make the order/reorder function optional and add it as a configuration possibility. But adding configuration options can be a really slippery slope in terms of managing the product and its complexity (complexity drives up testing costs...).
I think that "High" and "Low" priority could me enough from my point of view.
Instead of High and Low, we suggest just to order the items by dragging so that high ones are first and low ones follow, on a sliding scale. Our suggestion anyway as a team communication tool is not to have too many plans in your Weekdone form. Always keep in mind that your co-workers and manager have to read everything you put in there as well. That's why we suggest a limit of 5-7 plans per person max.

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