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All our company, department and team views have export to XLS.

For your form and personal view, there currently is no plans to add it, but you can use the other views to export your own items to XLS.

We just tested the Windows App on Windows 10 and delete worked fine. What exactly happens when you click Delete in the 3-dot menu? Does a window open asking for delete options? If you try delete on the same computer in a browser, does it work then?

Yes, the weekly review feature under each person is seen by team managers and respective employee only. The weekly review feature becomes available after a full reporting week has passed and you've used the system for over 7 days, so it should become available for you any day now. Until then, feel free to use the comment feature under each item. This is to keep the first week usage more simpler and cleaner to new users.

Zapier does support Trello cards as triggers. For example you can set up a new zap so that:
- Trigger is a new card added to Trello.

- Choose a board, list or filter.

- Choose Weekdone as action.

- Select create new item as action.

As for embedded images, we have no plans for this in nearest future. We recommend using a special file sharing service (DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive etc.) with versioning control and simply share the link to the file on Weekdone. This is so that you would not have to upload the same file every time it changes. For Dropbox files on the web we even show an image preview when you hover over the link with your mouse cursor.

Hi Ernesto,

No way to force week change. You can edit last week report though if needed, as well as this week. To open last week for editing, go to that view and at the bottom there is a link to re-edit old report. Also from next week now that change has been made all will be good as well. Unfortunately this is the effect of changing reporting days and periods.
Thanks for the suggestion. You can connect Salesforce to Weekdone using a service called Zapier, where you can build special rules for imports. See the triggers on page - these can be the Salesforce updates when they are created get added to Weekdone.

The link to connect Weekdone to Zapier is this:
Although we are not Asana - we just provide a reporting plugin for them at and allow importing items to Weekdone it does seem from quick look Asana provides most of the things you ask for. If you then need reporting on top of Asana, look at Weekdone.
The differences between a Member and an Observer are described here:

Observer can still comment and view, but won't be reminded to fill in their form or notified to do that weekly.