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Thank you for the thought on the task pool. We have no plans to do that as a separate feature (not enough demand), but what you can do is:
  • Set up a special template category like "Long-term plans pool" 
  • Tell your people that items under your user in that category are up for grabs.
  • Anyone can use "Assign to" feature from the item right menu to assign tasks from there to themselves or others.
As for the 4 quadrants, I guess you mean the Eisenhower Matrix? That's just one of many time-management methodologies and you can replicate that again by setting up 4 separate template categories. Although in reality, you probably don't want people to have non-important non-urgent items. Weekdone is mostly all about the 5-7 key items per person. 
Can you please explain, what do you consider a bug? Carrying items forward to next week is just as most users want, and like explained below, it's a configurable feature under Template Settings. 

Also if you decide for Plans and all other categories to clear each week, not carry forward, if an employee does not fill anything, there is a special message in front of the weekly e-mail saying that person did not fill in the report, plus the people dashboard shows that person did not fill in their report. All you need to do is disable carry forward to next week of old plans.
Like said, there is nothing to fix. This is how most users want the product to behave. 

Not a bug at all, it's expected behavior. It is impossible to know if people are working on projects for couple of weeks or are on vacation. Quite often people have tasks under Plans that they work on from week to week. It would be incorrect to hide them then. 

The solution is not technical but procedural inside our company. If a person goes on vacation and you don't want to see their plans, the best way is to ask them to clear their tasks and add just one task: On vacation this week. 

Another thing you can do technically under Template settings is to change category to not carry items to next week and to clear. That's how Problems and Progress work by default. You can change the settings under gear icon to the right of each category heading on that settings page.Plans is a special category, there you can make items to go once per week to Plans on hold category, which is like a holding pad for long-term plans. 

When a person leaves a company, you should remove them from the team to inactive users. 

Thank you for the suggestion though and for subscribing!

Co-founder, Weekdone
Move To only works to move items between category sections of one person. 

The only two ways to send something to another person is via Assign To and that goes to Plans category of that section by default. 
Thanks for the suggestion. We will add a toast notification to the clone action as well. Sorry it seemed nothing happens and you created the copies.

Co-founder, Weekdone