Your comments

There indeed was a small bug related to daylight savings time changes taking place these weeks. It's fixed now and all should be good from this week onwards. Sorry about that.

You change it under Company Settings and it must work.

Are you sure you changed the Reports due day and not the Notification day?

Did the settings save OK?

What is the report day you would like to set and what is the one you say you see incorrectly?

If that still does not work, e-mail us your company e-mail to and tell us what would you like to set the report deadline as, so we can investigate. 

Agreed. On the todo list among many other things. 

Will be done one day.

Jüri @ Weekdone

Will keep in mind, thanks. And might approach you soon directly for some feedback on your potential Weekdone usage :)

We are by the way also looking to add something like Zapier ( to connect to many other systems that we can't support directly as well.

Trello import is still in planning and development phase. 
Only Atlassian JIRA and Asana are live. 
As I understood, you would like to see Trello soon as well? Will keep that in mind in our roadmap prioritization. 

Again, we do not want to go too deep into being a task manager. So we are not considering adding sub tasks in the nearest future. Today companies do 2 things:

1. If the sub items are more comments or ideas, use the comment feature under items.

2. If the main task is an objective, then use the team or goal objectives and connect items under Objective using hashtags,

There are no due dates yet. It has been sometimes asked for, but as Weekdone does not want to be a full fledged task manager (too many good ones already out there) but we're more a communication and reporting tool, we have not made a certain decision yet about adding them.

Currently not in days. We just show the overdue flag and number of weeks of an item in front of items older than 1 week. So if you plan it this week and do not report the plan as progress next week, after next week it gets flag 1 in front of it.

Could you test it again? We have found no problems with deleting on Chrome, works on all of our machines and also for other customers.