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Hi! You can visit  to see the current progress of the active week. The complete report will be compiled and e-mailed to you at the end of the week (or the time you have specified at

Oliver, on deleting items, is it a new just entered item? Seems there is a bug when you enter an item and try to immediately delete it, it does not work. Refresh page and delete works. Could you try that? We will be fixing this.

As far as deleting users, never saw that. Will check. You mean you try to click the delete icon at the end of user's line on People and Settings page and nothing happens?

Chrome is our main development platform next to Firefox, so should not be a browser issue.

Thank you for the report. You are right, there still seems to be some bug with the timezones under some conditions. Working on fixing it, hope to have it working again this week. 

What exactly does not make sense? 

Overdue items are the ones which are not done in 1+ weeks. If a user plans something on Friday for next week, it will not be overdue on the next week, only the week after. Basically there must be 7+ days between when an item gets planned and when it is market progress. Overdue items all have a red flag and overdue weeks number in front of it.

None of you users items seem to be 1+ weeks overdue, and because of that overdue shows nothing yet. You should be at least in your 3rd week of usage to show any overdue items. 

Which OS, browser and versions are you using?

Could you try reloading the page a few times and trying again? Sometimes browsers keep old or broken Javascript in their cache. 

Are you trying to mark Done an item under your Tasks/Plans or under some other category? All seems to work in our browsers. 

You'll find Delete account at your profile settings page at the end of the page, under the Update button. 

Thank you for the feedback and hope to have you back in the future.

Sorry for this small temporary bug. This has been fixed by now. Thanks for noticing!

Hi Raphael,

Everything is working correctly. All your closed Asana items that we see through the API have been imported to your Progress. 

Keep in mind, that currently only closed issues are imported from Asana to Progress. We are in the process of also adding undone items import to Weekdone Plans, will be implemented soon. 

Also there is no way to import archived items from Asana, that is their limitation. 

The only items that carry over from last week are Plans that go in Plans on Hold the next week, until they get marked as Progress or Problems. All the other sections are blank at the beginning of each week. 

There is no way to forget the old Plans though, since the logic of Weekdone is what gets planned must get either done or listed as problem, or in exceptions, deleted. Calculation of Overdue weeks for items and Completion ratio for last week's items are crucial parts of Weekdone and our dashboards, so that logic can not be changed unfortunately. 

Hi Stephanie,

Could you describe more in detail what you mean by importing projects? As we understand, a project in Asana is a group of tasks. Those tasks should be importable from Asana to Weekdone already today. Is the project heading adding something in that sense to Weekdone?

Could you give an example of importing a project and how you'd like it then to show up in Weekdone?

We are currently improving Asana imports in Weekdone and could definitely look into this.