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Thanks for the interest in subscribing. We do annual invoices quite often, but usually we send these out via Paypal invoice as well. You'd get a link and fill in one form with your credit card details. Would that work? If yes, I could send that invoice to you.

If not, we definitely would find some other method as well. 

Juri @ Weekdone

Hi Trey,

Not yet, but soon. We are just making final decisions on this and it will go into development next week. When it's ready, each team can have different report categories / headings / questions. Just some more patience. We fully agree for example sales, software development and upper management might have different headings.

Jüri @ Weekdone

Thank you for the comment, Bruce. We leave the modal window open on purpose, as some people like to invite members one by one or in batches and so like to keep it open. But I agree that the notification about successful result of the invite after first invite could be more prominent. Will look at our design in that sense again.

Jüri @ Weekdone

Hi Trey,

Thank you for the suggestion. Could you tell us, what exactly would you like to import from Salesforce, eg what fields, items and objects? What would become plans, what progress? 

This is on our roadmap but no certain decision on timeline has been made. 

Best regards,

Juri @ Weekdone

Yes, the JIRA integration is functioning properly. If you type the to your web browser - does it redirect you anywhere? Can you open this in your web browser:

And just in case: is your JIRA instance open to public? Ie. can you access it from home? If it's private then unortunately Weekdone cannot access it and cannot import your tasks.

Thank you for the idea. Currently Weekdone is meant for weekly planning and as such, it is meant to constrain the users to enter items that get accomplished during next week. If they don't, everything over 1 week is overdue. 

We will consider due dates later on. Right now everything over a week is considered Overdue and there is no way to turn that off. We do understand your thinking and agree that the constraint might not be suitable for everyone, so will look into changing that in the future. 

Thank you for the suggestion and feature request. Currently only the Plans section has the special feature from where the items get carried to next week's On Hold section. The On Hold section is already automatically there (it's the yellow section) and as such should not be duplicated. Your company admin will see this described under their Template Settings page where they manage the template. 

You can find the description to managing the template at (you need to be logged in as company admin to manage the template).

That said, we will consider allowing other categories' items to carried onwards to next weeks in the future. 

Hi, we were unable to replicate this bug. Could you reload your form page and try again? Which OS, browser and version are you using? May be the browser had cached some old files from previous release, when the delete popup was a bit different. If so, reloading the page a few times should do the trick. 
Jüri @ Weekdone

This should be now fixed as well - thank you for the report.