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Weekly scores for other teams I belong to are calculating using my score for separate/unrelated my own managers' team score.  Each team should be scored based on their own unique reports for that team, not as a sum of the members' overall activity (including their performance in other reports). 

Not sure if that's making any sense.  :) - Moving this to bug.

OMG!  Like magic.  You guys are awesome!  I'll test out immediately and give you feedback!  Thanks!

Having the same problem here.  I was able to replicate.  ;)

This is SO great.  We have team members that cross teams, but we don't want their reports to show up on every team.  We were about to cancel our trial, because of this issue.  Please keep us updated.  We also need to be able to make certain entries private (for managers eyes only).

Hello WeekDone,

It has been 5 months, has this been implemented?  The ability to export reports for presentations and outside discussions is very necessary.