Dev names are overlapped by an image on team report.

Aziz Saleh 7 лет назад обновлен 7 лет назад 2

When I view the team report. Some names are cut short, some are totally overlapped by the following image tag: https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=pc&chs=200x200&chco=0dacff,53E01B|0dacff|f6ff0d|ff5d0d&chd=t:1,1,1,1|100,0,0,0&chp=-0.78539816339745.

I am using Windows 7 64 Bit + Latest Firefox release.

Hi Aziz,

This should be fixed now, sorry for the trouble. Please check and let us know if it works well for you now.

With best regards,



Hello Jüri,

The issue seemed to have been fixed for me an hour after I submitted it. Really Fast work!

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